Healthcare providers

Healthcare Providers

We advance the cost of treatment, so you can expand your practice to cover uninsured patients.



We confer with you to make sure patients receive the necessary medical care quickly.

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We help physicians provide prompt quality medical care to help you recover quickly.

We, at Delta Medical Funding, assembled a highly skilled executive team with finance, medical, legal and business expertise.  We offer healthcare providers an advantage with our proprietary underwriting process.  Employing a two-step approach, we make a disciplined and informed decision to minimize the risk and payment delays associated with treating uninsured patients with personal injury claims.  Unlike other funding firms, we will not leave you stranded in a complex storm of litigation-related requests after the treatment is rendered and the patient’s account is purchased.  We assist and train your staff to comply with these legal requirements or we offer you the option to outsource these tasks to our firm.  Delta Medical Funding alleviates the financial, legal and administrative burdens associated with treating patients with litigation-related injuries.  Advancing access to quality medical care, we partner with you from start to finish.

We use a simple and transparent two-step process to expedite payment – (1) Provider Set-up, and (2) Provider Referral.  Our no-cost set-up process protects against missteps in meeting the legal requirements that can compromise payment from the patient’s legal recovery.  We provide you with a master services agreement to engage our firm.  While you review the agreement, we undertake a compliance, billing and patient-intake review to help you get patient-ready.  With an executed agreement, we undertake a detailed review of each uninsured patient’s legal case so you can make an informed decision.  You send a copy of the patient’s bill to us, and we pay you within 30 days of rendering treatment.  Unlike other companies, if the patient’s account is paid in full within 60 days, you receive the full amount of your bill, less a small service fee.

Providers, we help you at all stages of the process – with questions about billing, attorney requests, appropriate forms, and licensing requirements, among a myriad of other concerns. You and your team will welcome the peace of mind we provide by shifting the administrative burden associated with litigation-related cases to our team so you can focus on patient care.  At no cost to you, we’re happy to discuss your needs, answer your questions, or offer guidance about how you might want to proceed.  Experience the Delta Difference.   Call us today.